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I recently finished editing this video for my friend Alex Pinto of a performance he did way back in November at Viracocha in San Francisco. With the help of Tim Howarth and Tim Finn, we filmed Alex’s set with two Canon 7D’s for close ups and a Canon XH-A1 for the wide, as well as a Zoom Hn4 for the sound. Although the main goal of this shoot was to film the show, the challenge was that we ultimately wanted to edit one of the songs into a music video — we just didn’t know what song. This was a little tricky because our 7D’s have limited space in the amount of continuous footage we could capture on the cards.

Essentially, short of purchasing several larger CFs, we opted for capturing a bunch of “generic” close ups throughout each song of the set in hopes that we could use the footage regardless of what song we ended up featuring in the end. For unique shots, we tried to rotate the 7D’s on the fly for filming solos and whatnot for each song. Tricky stuff for filming within a small space with low light where the only communication we could use between cameramen was with hand gestures, but I think the end result came out alright! Be sure to check out Alex Pinto’s website and listen to his music. It’s cool beans!


Here’s a cool project my brothers (Jonathan Howarth and Tim Howarth) recently completed with a local band called The Deaf Pilots. My favorite thing about this video is the mixed use of motion-tracked CG with the grimy look of a “grind-house” type of film. Kind of a juxtaposition of old and new school films.  It’s a good example of the professional level results an independent film maker can achieve these days with little to no budget. For this shoot they used a Canon 7D and After Affects for all the motion tracking and animation. Check out the original post here.


This is an early music video I made for a friend in Richmond, CA. The video isn’t that great because we had some missed communications in scheduling, so what was supposed to be a planning day for the video ended up being the day we shot everything. Although I’m not too psyched with how the video turned out, I do think it has some cool rotoscoping/CG effects. Equipment Used: Canon XL2