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The One That Fell Off the Wall from Howarth Creative on Vimeo.

UPDATE: For the time being, I have been asked to take down my video until after the final September 15th contest. Sorry.

On May 18 - May 19 I participated in a 24 hour film competition hosted by 24 Hour Film Racing. Having sold the old camera to help pay for my recent move to Boulder, I decided to try my hand at animating in lieu of my lack of equipment. The rules of the competition were that you had to make the film within a 24 hour window and follow these specific guidelines: Theme: One Prop: The number one Action: Listening to music It took me about 17 straight hours of sitting at the computer using Photoshop, After Effects, Sound Booth, and Premiere Pro to make my animation in its entirety, from conception, creating graphics, animating, recording the voice over, editing, and rendering.

A few weeks later I was excited to receive an email notifying me that I had been selected amongst 10 other Colorado filmmakers to have my entry screened at a premiere in Denver on June 28 at the awesome Mayan Theatre. Whilst attending and watching all the great entries, I was fortunate to make some connections with other local filmmakers (my main goal of entering the contest in the first place), as I never imagined I would even place in the top 3. Crazily enough, when the top films were being announced at the Denver after-party, I was amazed to hear that my animation had been voted into 1st place! I ended up winning a $50 gift certificate for the bar we were at (that I tried to share with everyone at the bar), a bucket full of random apparel, and my entry moves on to the next round of the competition in New York City. Here’s to some good times and supporting local artists!  


Here are some music projects I have worked on, either composing, playing, producing, or all of the above. Feel free to download and use them if the option is available!


The original score to The Manifestations of Ray Galle was composed in a few days and performed and recorded entirely by Chris and Chris of Ray’s Apathy. There’s a strong theme throughout the tracks, and they fit perfectly with the awkwardness of the main character and his “condition.” The tracks range from the strong and full theme of Wake Up and See Things to the bare and simple last track of105. Hopefully you can find a creative use for the tracks in your project or build on top of what is already there.

Creative Commons


Admittedly, 2cent Dime for A Penny’s Thought was one of the strangest films we’ve ever made. Based on the short story by P.J. Jenkins, the film follows four individuals who…nevermind. In keeping with Mr. Jenkins’ very strange style and storytelling, each track is named after a day, which has to do with a character, which has to do with a theme, which has to do with…nevermind. Nobody knows what happened to P.J. Jenkins. He was a reclusive guy anyway, and we only had the pleasure of meeting him once. Even then, some rumor that he sent a body double, or an android, because Mr. Jenkins has not been seen since the 60’s. Only one blurry photograph of him exists. He will forever remain a vague mystery, much like this film. Enjoy the score, composed in two days in a basement with no chairs and the main theme influenced by Jon Brion. It came out to be one of our favorite scores.

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