Canon 7D Slow Motion Test – Terrabang Studios

This is a video my brother Tim Howarth and friend Tim Finn of Terrabang Studios made to test out Twixtor. Twixtor is a plug-in you can get for certain video editing programs (they used After Effects) that enables you to simulate the type of slow motion footage you might get from a high speed camera. Below is what Tim Howarth posted on Terrabang about the project, or visit the original here.

Finn and I decided to head over to the Concord Skate Park to meet up with a friend of ours to see what we could capture using the 7D at 60fps and some added digital slow motion, courtesy of After Effects and Twixtor.

We shot for about an hour and a half at various shutter speeds and using a couple of different lenses.  Then we spent about 2 hours editing and working out the slow motion.  We took the 60fps shots and interpreted them back down to 24fps, giving us true slow motion.  We’ve done this overcranking effect with real film before, and wanted to see how digital compared.  If we wanted some additional slow-mo, we implemented Twixtor.  Do a little bit of color grading, throw some cool music on there, and it’s ready for export.  I don’t remember how long rendering took, but that’s irrelevant anyway.  Here you have it, a quick and dirty but fun little test.