This is the new Howarth Creative site, a project collective of video, music, and other fun things I (Chris Howarth) may or may not have worked on! The old Howarth Creative site used to be an online portfolio specifically for web design. As times changed, so did the projects I focused on. I’ve since realized that I spend most of my projects working on video and music. My intention for this site is to serve as an up-to-date project study (blog) for the media projects I am involved in now-a-days. Thanks for stopping by!


Wikipedia says that Christopher “Chris” Howarth is a British figure skater. He is the 1980 British national champion. In the 1980 Winter Olympics, he placed 15th while representing Great Britain. It was also around this time that another Christopher “Chris” Howarth was born, although destiny had other intentions for where this Chris Howarth’s path would take him.


From the very early stages of his life, just a few years after Britain’s 1980 national figure skating champion placed 15th in the Winter Olympics in fact, Chris Howarth started playing with computers. This fascination with blinking green pixels (which later expanded to at least 256 colors) evolved into an obsession with moving pictures. Be they grainy home videos or alien blobs fueled by jelly beans, our Chris’s path was already laid before him towards learning the art of the moving picture.


The next 20-something years would find Chris honing his skills in all things media. From filming movies with a giant VHS camera and editing footage with two ancient VCRs, to creating Space Invader like computer games using Macromedia and BASIC programming, Chris seemed to develop a natural ability to quickly learn all things technology. In the late 90’s, for the first time ever, Chris finally obtained technology capable of editing video with the use of a computer. His life would never be the same.


Chris spent the remainder of his school days making short films with his friends and playing in bands. Like Steven Spielberg’s love for home sick aliens, Chris’s obsession just kept growing. After graduating with a BS in Business from Ferris State University in Michigan, Chris moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area. While in the Bay, he worked with several local artists making documentaries and music videos. In 2010 he joined the AmeriCorps*VISTA program and became the Social Media, Technology and Communications point for a San Francisco non-profit called the Center for Music National Service (MNS). While working at MNS, Chris created over 40 videos used in  fundraising, marketing, and event promotion. In 2011, Chris and his childhood best friend/roommate Chris (no joke) finally won their first film festival at the 2011 East Bay Express 24 Hour Film Festival. Their submission, called “The Solution,” was filmed and edited within 24 hours and was screened at various locations throughout the Bay Area.

Chris now resides in Boulder, CO and continues to do video media work as well as recording music. If this story makes you feel compelled to talk to him, or if you just want to discuss the 1980 British national champion of figure skating, feel free to say hi!